Florida West Ballet
          To See us Dance is to Hear our Hearts Speak! ...Hopi Indian Saying

Dancer Space

Contact Information:
Florida West Ballet
P.O. Box 728
St Petersburg, FL 33731-0728

Eric Baird, President

Joe Amoriello, Treasurer, Secretary

To schedule an appointment or if you have concerns that need to be immediately addressed, please contact Eric Baird or Joe Amoriello as listed above.

Upcoming Calendar
    All classes/events currently being held at 616 4th Street North, St Petersburg, FL 33701 unless otherwise noted.
 Event                                                                             Day                             Time 
Fall Season                                                   
                     Demi-Trainee                                                                                       9-11:00
                     Trainee                                                                                                 9-12:00
                     Pre-Apprentice                                                                                     12-4:00
                     Apprentice                                                                                           11-4:00

            Weekday Technique Schedule
                     Pre-Apprentice/Apprentice                              M/Th                          4:30-7:00           
                     Modern (Trainee, Pre-Apprentice & App)       Tues                           4:30-6:30
                     Demi-Trainee                                                   Wed                            4:30-6:30
                     Advanced Demi & Trainee                              Wed                            4:30-7:00
                     Beginner Student                                              Tues                           4:30-5:30
                     Adult Technique/Fitness                                  Thurs                          6:00-7:00         


         *Dance Attire is as follows:  Demi-Trainee - Light Pink Leo
                                                              Trainee - Light Blue Leo
                                                              Pre-Apprentice - Light Lavender Leo
                                                              Apprentice - Black Leo
                                                              All Levels - Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes & Pink Pointe Shoes
                                                              All Male Dancers - White Shirt, Black Tights and Ballet Shoes


Company & Technique Tuition

    Demi-Trainee -        $75/Month
    Trainee -                  $85/Month
    Pre-Apprentice -      $100/Month
    Apprentice -             $100/Month

    Technique (weekday classes) - $60 per class per month. For Pre-Apprentice and Apprentice Company dancers taking all 3 weekday classes, $150/month.

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